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National Nutrition Week - 2009
Healthy Eating for Children

Key message for 2009 National Nutrition Week                 print full article
This serves as a background document highlighting the key messages to be used throughout National Nutrition Week 2009 and can be used in conjunction with the Questions and Answers document.

The objective of this document is to outline the three key messages to be communicated and the statistics to be used in order to ensure consistency in what is communicated by all involved with National Nutrition Week 2009.            ... read more

Questions and Answers 2009 National Nutrition Week     print full article
The actual communication of the answer contents can be adapted according to the target market they are being communicated to e.g. media, lower income consumers, higher income consumers, adults, children, but the overall content and meaning should remain consistent with this document and the associated Key Messages document.        ... read more

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Healthy Eating for children                 print full booklet
5-a-Day Fruit and Veg
3-a-Day Dairy

Recipes; Guidelines for healthy eating; Rediscover dairy; If it's about nutrition, ask your dietitian.          ...read more (590 KB)