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Guidelines for Healthy Eating

The first group of guidelines provide general messages to promote a healthy lifestyle: 

The next group of guidelines help to plan good mixed meals:

The following guidelines give messages about the use of foods that are commonly used but can be harmful when too much is used.


   Make starchy foods part of most meals

Starchy foods are the main source of dietary energy, they also contribute micronutrients and dietary fibre when eaten in minimally processed forms (unrefined products).These foods cost less than many other foods, when used as part of most meals they help to satisfy the appetite, without costing too much.


Bread, brown / white 1 slice
Porridge, soft ½ cup
Maize meal, dry powder 3 heaped tablespoons
Potato 1 medium
Rice / pasta, cooked ½ cup
Samp / whole grains, cooked ½ cup
Breakfast cereal Varies
Cut corn / mealie ½ cup
Popcorn, popped, no salt or fat 2 cups