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Guidelines for Healthy Eating

The first group of guidelines provide general messages to promote a healthy lifestyle: 

The next group of guidelines help to plan good mixed meals:

The following guidelines give messages about the use of foods that are commonly used but can be harmful when too much is used.


   Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit everyday

Vegetables and fruit are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, fibre and they contain water. Including these foods in meals helps to fill you up without adding too much extra food energy. There are many health benefits of an eating plan that contains recommended amounts of these foods.  

Fresh / frozen vegetables ½ cup cooked
Raw leafy vegetables 1 cup raw
All fresh fruit 1 piece medium sized fruit
apple, banana
  2 pieces medium sized fruit
apricots, plums
  ½ piece large sized fruit
  ½ cup chopped fruit
  ½ cup fruit juice
  2 tablespoons raisins