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This serves as a background document highlighting the key messages to be used throughout National Nutrition Week 2012. It can be used in conjunction with the Questions and Answers document.

The objective of this document is to outline the key messages to be communicated and statistics to be used; in order to ensure consistency in communication by all involved with National Nutrition Week 2012.

The communication of the messages can be adapted according to the target market. The overall content and meaning should remain consistent with this document and the associated Questions and Answers document.


   Overall message

Healthy eating is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Use the Food Guide and the Guidelines for Healthy Eating to learn more about the best food choices for your eating plan.


   Associated key messages

  1. The food guide reminds you to make food choices that build healthy eating plans.
  2. The food groups are illustrated in different sized circles to remind you that more foods should be used from some groups, while others are eaten sparingly.
  3. The amount of food that can be eaten from each of the food groups varies, depending on age, gender and level of activity. The food guide documents provide this information.

The target group for the National Nutrition Week 2012 ‘A Food Guide to Healthy Eating’ campaign is the general public, reached via interpersonal communication and media.  Messages for health workers will be communicated via the Department of Health, and through targeted publications.

The overall and associated key messages must remain consistent as per this document and associated Questions and Answers document, in order to ensure consistency. They may be adapted to meet the needs of the target audience.