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   Overall Message

Healthy eating is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Use the Food Guide and the Guidelines for Healthy Eating to learn more about the best food choices for your healthy eating plan.

South African experts developed the Guidelines for Healthy Eating 10 years ago to provide information to South Africans to help them make healthy food choices; recently, the guidelines were reviewed and updated to be in line with new scientific evidence.  In addition, a Food Guide was developed to be used in conjunction with the Guidelines as a visual reminder to support the messages.

The aim of the Guidelines for Healthy Eating and the Food Guide are to encourage people to:


The South African Food Guide is illustrated below:

Some people use international food guides, such as the pyramid or food plate with different food groupings, food examples and number of serves.  This resulted in conflicting nutrition education messages.  The South African Food Guide has been tested among South African consumers and support the Guidelines for Healthy Eating.

This is the first time that South Africa has had a Food Guide that is suitable for use nationally, by all who communicate nutrition messages.