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   Communication Summary

Healthy eating contributes to the prevention and management of diet-related non-communicable diseases.  The Guidelines for Healthy Eating and the Food Guide are useful tools to communicate the correct information on how to make healthy food choices.

NNW 2012 aims to promote healthy eating through increasing awareness of the Food Guide which is a visual tool supporting the Guidelines for Healthy Eating.

Overall message:
Healthy eating is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Use the Food Guide and the Guidelines for Healthy Eating to learn more about the best food choices for your eating plan

Key messages:

  1. The food guide reminds you to make food choices that build healthy eating plans.
  2. The food groups are illustrated in different sized circles to remind you that more foods should be used from some groups, while others are eaten sparingly.
  3. The amount of food that can be eaten from each of the food groups varies, depending on age, gender and level of activity. The food guide documents provide this information.