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Food Based Dietary Guidelines

The South African theme for NNW 2017 supports the South African Food-Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDG): “Drink lots of clean, safe water” and “Use sugar and food and drinks high in sugar sparingly” . The FBDG recommendation for sugar intake is also in line with the WHO recommendations for free sugar intake. The FBDGs or Guidelines for Healthy Eating as it is more commonly known are aimed at promoting healthy eating behaviours among consumers.

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NNW Facts & 2017 Message Rationale

This serves as a background document highlighting the concept and supporting messages to be used throughout National Nutrition Week (NNW) 2017. It can be used in conjunction with the ‘Questions and Answers document’.

The objective of this document is to outline the key messages to be communicated and statistics to be used; in order to ensure consistency in communication by all involved with National Nutrition Week 2017.

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