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Media information for National Nutrition Week 2011

Feeding Smart from the Start.
Overall and supporting messages.

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This document provides information on messages that will be communicated during National Nutrition Week 2011; additional information is supplied in the Question and Answer document. The overall message and supporting messages, key facts and some statistics are outlined below. These should be used in NNW communication to ensure consistency by all who are participating in this awareness campaign.
The messages can be adapted to suit the target audience; but the overall content should remain consistent with the messages in this document and the Question and Answers document.

    Overall and supporting messages

From six months of age your baby needs breastmilk and solid foods; to promote health,   support growth and enhance development. This is called complementary feeding.

  • After six months introduce new foods to your baby every few days.
  • At six months start with 2 meals a day, with regular breastfeeding. Increase to 5 small meals (including snacks) a day, with continued breastfeeding by 10 months. Continue with these regular small meals and breastfeeding until your baby is two years old.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before feeding your baby.
  • Keep everything very clean when preparing food for your baby

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