Please find below more information for Health Professionals to be used during National Nutrition Week 2013.
Powerpoint for health professionals
This power point presentation may be used for talks or educational purposes within your health care setting. Also refer to the notes below each slide to assist in providing context to the content of the slide; and also refer to the National Nurition Week Consumer messages, Nutrition Educators document and Technical Report to support Nutrition Educators Report.
Nutrition Educators Document
This book has been written for people who educate others about eating for good health.

This will include,
  • Health professionals and health workers; nutritionists, dietitians, nurses, nutrition advisors and community care givers.
  • Teachers in primary and high schools.
  • Foundations, organisations and companies with a health education focus or component.
The book provides information needed to:
  • Understand the rationale and process used to develop the Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Food Guide.
  • Make best use of the Guidelines for Healthy Eating and Food Guide.
Technical Report
This report has been prepared so as to provide a record of information that supported the content used in the educators and consumers communication tools.